Christmas Pics!

Just a little peek into our celebrations this Christmas!


The little one’s in their PJ’s on Christmas morning!  Santa came!


Ben with his ultimate Light Saber… he LOVES Star Wars!


Miranda, just bein’ cute!  I would kill for the lovely golden highlights she has in her hair!  Lucky girl!


A truly rare photo indeed!  The eldest son, now 15 going on 25!  Seriously, doesn’t he look like he could be in grad school! OMG… where did my baby go!?


Christmas Inevitabilities

1.  Batteries will not be included and we will pay $10.00 for one 9V at the gas station.

2.  Each will be sold separately, and one isn’t nearly as fun as two.

3.  One strand of tree lights will burn out every other day necessitating the stripping of lights and ornaments from the offending branch, rearranging the furniture to accommodate the 75 pound ladder, and then reversing the whole process.

4.  My childrens’ gift lists will contain items that are so immensely popular that they have been sold out since October, or are so obscure that they are not sold in stores.

5.  We will worry that there will not be enough gifts under the tree to make that initial sight spectacular.  On Christmas morning there will be so many packages that there is no place to sit and open them. 

6.  The “first gift of Christmas” may be a bell from of Santa’s sleigh, but the last gift of Christmas will be a new vacuum cleaner to replace the one who’s motor burned out after attempting to suck up 10 pounds of pine needles.

7.  Most of our photos will look like THIS….  Out of focus….  Rock on Ben!


7.  In spite of the above we will have the BESTEST Christmas ever… but we will breathe a sigh of relief that we now have 364 days until we do this again!

Desperately Seeking Spring…

I have to say, “Oh GOD thank you!!!!”  Truthfully, I always rejoice when Spring wakes her sleepy head.  But, this year, with our late snow storms, there’s just a bit more to rejoice about.  I am SO ready for winter to be over.  Apparently, most of the neighborhood is as well.  At least the Mom’s who trudge out the the school bus stop each morning. 

Our first calender day of Spring brought forth howling winds and a near white out blizzard.  Nice.  So we’ve all just been desperately searching for each and every sign that Spring might truly be on it’s way.  No robins yet, no daffodils, no warm breeze…. and thus we’ve started to rely on any sign at all… no matter how unreliable or gross it may be. 

“There were maggots in the garage garbage can this morning… isn’t that a sign?”

“Spring where are you?”

“There is a faint trace of dog sh*t smell as you walk by the Xxxxx’s house …. the Golden Retriever excrement is thawing …. must be over 32 degrees….. a sure sign that it’s warming up!” 

“Spring commeth!”

Seriously, it’s getting THAT bad.  But today, the daffodils are just sprouting through the snow, so I do believe that we shall have more pleasant bus stop conversation in the near future! YEA!!!

Husband learns…this is not Rockefeller Center, This is our living room.

Is there room for an ice rink?  We went with a much more reasonable tree this year at MY insistance!  The first year we lived in this house (2005), my sweet husband thought it would be a great idea to get a “big tree.”  We have a two story living room, and he thought it would be great to fill it to the top!  I won’t tell the entire story, as it involves me dangling 16 feet in the air, LOTS of tears, and a chain saw… ever fire up a chain saw in your living room?  Here it is… two years ago in all it’s shining glory.  You could land airplanes with the light from this thing.  No… those are not dolls… those are my own children, cowering beneath the monstrosity…. Sorry for the blur… it was pre-good camera days.

And this years tree… a much more reasonable 10 feet… and skinny… I’ll be able to keep most of my furniture in the room as well.  Husbands DO listen!  Well, they listen and they learn.


‘Tis the season….. Snow Day!

I grew up in the Lake Erie primary snow belt, which means that we had mountains of snow, all winter long… it was like living in the Rockies!  So yesterday was nothing big to me.  A foot of snow, blowing and whirling… white out conditions… It was trecherous, but oh so beautiful!  So, what snow realted event could literally scare the crap out of a snow belt dweller?  SNOW DAY!  Snow day, as a kid, is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of.  Snow day as a parent.. not quite so dreamy.  I must admit that I enjoyed telling my teenager the grand news this morning.  I actually got not one, but two hugs from a 14 year old boy at 6:03 a.m.  Normally at that hour I’d just get a, “Oh God, would you get out of my room!” from my little “Dawn of the Dead” zombie.  Not today! 

I’ll stay in and bake cookies all day.  The little ones will romp in the snow drifts ’till their fingers turn numb.  The teenager…. I’m sure we’ll see him around noon, when the laptop will start to light up with IM’s, and the cell phone will commence ringing with text messages. 

I will do tomarrow what I should be doing today  (or two weeks ago!)… the oil change, the stocking stuffers, the teacher gifts, believe me, the list goes on and on….  I will hope that the snow plow doesn’t knock down the mailbox…. and pray that the garbage trucks do come.  Oh please, let them come!

I will try to remember the joy I once felt when I had a snow day… and we will have cookies.    

Why is this happening?

On Monday, it was so warm I actually had to dig out a pair of Capri pants…. I HATE wearing shorts, but it was so warm, I actually could have… if I had wanted to, that is!  Today, my finger tips are numb and there is about an inch of snow on the ground.  Yesterday, I cut down most of the daffodils and brought them inside.  I’d rather see their sunny beauty in a vase on my kitchen counter than wilted on the ground.  Uggghhh!  The poor shivering blossoms on my flowering cherry LOOK exactly the way I FEEL…. shriveled, closed, and cold.  They do look just like tiny little flowing faerie skirts though, don’t they?  Hmm…. inspiration, even from this frigid mess of an April day.

Looks like the Easter Bunny will be hiding the eggs around the living room this year! 

The color of the sky is grey as I can see through the blinds.
Lift my head from the pillow and then fall again
Shiver in my bones just thinking about the weather.
A quiver in my voice as if I might cry,
A cold and a rainy day.
Where on earth is the sun hid away?
A cold and a rainy day I shiver, quiver, and try to wake.”                        

~”The Weather” 10,000 Maniacs, 1987