I am SO not a dirty girl….


….though I swear, I absolutely HATE cleaning!  Aside from just hating the act itself, I always feel like my face is going to melt off when I use harsh cleaning products.   My hands itch, and I swear… I can’t smell right for a couple of days after using Tilex!  Ick.  I need extra motivation to clean!  What works for me?   Well for a couple of years I’ve been using Mrs. Myers products:


I LOVE the Geramium scent, and they come in these neat vintage looking bottles!  They have nice stuff for kids and pets as well! 

Lately I’ve been picking  up the Method brand cleaning stuff as well.  Fabulous aromatherapy fragrances, and they are biodegradable, non-toxic, and NOT tested on animals to boot.  They have a lemon-ginger floor cleaner that is nothing sort of heavenly! 


The products do cost a bit more than their stinky cousins, but they make the process oh so much more enjoyable!