Running in place…

True to my word, I’ll make no real appology for NOT blogging in simply forever…. Just busy with life.  Real busy!  Running as fast as I can and not really seeming to actually GET anywhere.

With a whole lot a  this..

Supervising these…

Driving to this….

And this…

I’ve actually been helping out my Lawyer Husband with a bit of this as well…

Plus Halloween, a couple of Birthdays….

THIS was the year that my youngest started 1st grade… that’s three in school FULL TIME, and me at HOME FULL TIME.  So, why hasn’t there been any extra time?  Just constantly running around, one thing after the next.  And, oh… I realized that I never put the Christmas wreaths away in the store area last year.  They’ve just been sitting in my studio for 11 months… so at least THOSE will be easy to find this year.

“…it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.  If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that.” 

– The Red Queen – Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There   (Lewis Carroll)

I’m trying to  run fast… really, I am!


I will do it by myself…

Every time I run across this letter, it amazes me and makes me giggle.  This year it is just a bit more hysterical, since I have my own 9-year-old girl.  I’m sure she probably thinks she can do it herself as well.  Thanks Mom, for saving things like these to remind me how completely insane I was as a child. 

I can do it...

You dont have to do any thing for me … 

… except help me with my obvious lack of punctuation, oh and my spelling…. maybe provide food, water, shelter, clothing.  Yea, just the basic necessities.

Oh and wash, dry and fold my clothes, make me breakfast, lunch, dinner & a few snacks, pick out my clothes, dry my hair, style my hair, help me with homework.  Take me places like the doctor and dentist, and to and from whatever lessons my little heart desires.  It would be cool if you, you know, paidfor those things too.  And maybe braces, summer dance camp, private school.  You can entertain me when I’m bored, cheer me up when I’m sad, and comfort me when my friends are mean.  You could buy me a car, pay for the insurance and gas.  Make sure I get home alive from each and every night out.  In the future, I might let you send me to college and law school.  Maybe even help me purchase my first house.  You can help me figure out how to raise my own kids, and pitch in and give me a hand when they are on my last nerve. 

Just a few things, but other than that…  I CAN DO STUFF MYSELF!

…. sorry Mom!

The sun is beautiful today….

…so why is it that all I can see is how dirty the windows look as the light comes through?  Seriously… I mean that in the literal as well as the figurative sense.  I have a bit of the “blues.”  Maybe if I get out of the house I can just see the sun and NOT the windows!  Sounds like a plan.


Oh… this is just a borrowed stock photo…. pretty though, isn’t it? 

 Seriously… I have this amazing life, and I have every reason in the world to be absolutely happy.

Rebellion in my mid-30’s


I remember a time when doing something rebellious meant that if one was caught doing said action, various state and federal agencies could have been called to handle the matter. 

Last night as I emptied the dishwasher, I really wasn’t feeling like emptying the silverware compartment…. too fiddly… too much sorting… so I emptied the rest of the dishwasher, reloaded, and put the dirty silverware right in with the clean… started the machine…. and it felt rebellious!

Their little charade is completely wasted on me

I went, alone, to have the oil changed in my mini van over the weekend.  It’s always such an embarrassing situation for me.  Usually, I have my husband do it, just so I can avoid the utter “stupidness” of it all.  First… I never know the answers to their questions.  I just roll the window down and say, “Oil change?”  Do I know what kind of oil I want… synthetic?  blend?  No clue.  Do I want my air filter replaced?  I have no idea.  Tires rotated?  Hmm…  They ask me to pop my hood.  How?  I start pushing on a little thing that says “push to release.”  Makes sense to me… but no, that’s the parking break release thing.  Ohhhh.   They do it themselves.  Okay.  I make a mental note that the hood release thing is NOT marked, is not visible and is located somewhere underneath the steering wheel, but I will NOT remember for the next time.  I am quite sure of that.  There is no need for me to ever pop the hood.  I’ve seen people with their hoods popped… peering into  that mess of metal parts and hoses… trying to figure out what is wrong with their car.  Me… I guess I would just have to say, “Yep… looks like the engine is still there… so that couldn’t be the problem!” 

Then the oil change people start shouting out things, “Bay 5 up!”  “30/20!”  “Washer fluid up!”  I know that they do it because it is supposed to make you feel like you are in the pit at some big NASCAR race…. I find it hilarious, and stifle a giggle.  Please…

Ever have one of those days…

It’s Monday and you have eleven million things to get done.  The little ones will be in school and you will have a whopping 2 and 1/2 hours of child-free time in which to accomplish those eleven million things.  You wake up a little bit late, rush around like a mad woman getting the girl-child ready, shower, clothes, breakfast, pack a snack, check the homework folder, fill out the February reading calender, search for snow pants, clean mud off boots, where are your gloves!!!!!?????  She mumbles something about a three day weekend.  Couldn’t be… teenager left an hour ago and he KNOWS when there is no school.  Kiss on the cheek and out into the freezing cold you go!

She waits patiently by the mailbox.  She’s cold.  The bus is late, but only by a few minutes.  She rings the doorbell and asks to wait inside.  You hop on line and think, “Maybe I’ll just check….”  Yeah… there’s no school for K-8… optional parent/teacher conferences.  She’s right.  Snow gear off.  Our day will now be focused on “Mommy didn’t believe me!!!” and “I don’t like Swiss on my grilled cheese sandwich!”  Great going Mom!