Ribbon Work for my lovely German Friend

I can finally show the ribbon work I was messing around with a few weeks ago, as my surprise has made its arrival in Germany.  It’s done in shades of burgundy, rust, burnished orange, and antique gold, with avocado and forest green leaves.  The flat broach is shown as a hat.  The bear doing the modeling is already sold to another collector, and is on layaway.  She truly enjoyed the dress up game though!

Vintage style flat rose with pin broach back…



The same piece against a fabulous pair of crocheted gloves from my own collection…



Lace collar with pin-on rose.  This rose features vintage stamens in the center, and is more shaped like a natural flower…


And both pieces modeled by a full sized mohair bear….



A trip to find the perfect accessory!

I’ve made a bear out of the most delicious new fabric!  It’s such a unique and beautiful color… sort of a dusty pale, mauvy-eggplant… but it has a warm brownish cast in some light as well.  How’s THAT for a description!  After endlessly combing through my huge stash of yarn, ribbon, beads, and buttons… nothing I had really seemed to accent it quite right.  On Saturday night, the kids had open gym (that’s five hours of blissful child free time!), so I sweetly asked my husband if he’d mind accompanying me to Hobby Lobby!  He went… a bit begrudgingly, but he went!  I made the rounds quickly, knowing that his crafting tolerance is about 20 minutes long at the most.  Guess what… I found it!  The perfect ribbon!  So, now I’m off to see what kind of little collar I can fashion for this little one!  Yea!  Play time!  Check back in the next day or so for photos!

Autumn Composition

A bit of new ribbon work!  And of course, it’s found it’s way to one of my teddies!  Here’s a closeup of the autumn composition that graces the neck of my latest bear, Shelby. 

I’ve used lengths of pretty wired ribbon in coordinating shades of golds and russets, and those are vintage stamens.  I’ve composed this piece as a brooch, so that it can be easily removed, or borrowed!  Shelby likes it, and I hope her new owner does too!  Happy Fall!