Ribbon Work for my lovely German Friend

I can finally show the ribbon work I was messing around with a few weeks ago, as my surprise has made its arrival in Germany.  It’s done in shades of burgundy, rust, burnished orange, and antique gold, with avocado and forest green leaves.  The flat broach is shown as a hat.  The bear doing the modeling is already sold to another collector, and is on layaway.  She truly enjoyed the dress up game though!

Vintage style flat rose with pin broach back…



The same piece against a fabulous pair of crocheted gloves from my own collection…



Lace collar with pin-on rose.  This rose features vintage stamens in the center, and is more shaped like a natural flower…


And both pieces modeled by a full sized mohair bear….



One of my Favorite Photos

Now that I finally have a new printer/scanner/copier…. I just wanted to share one of my all time favorite photos.  My sweet baby girl, Miranda, when she was about three years old.  I’ll always love this photo of her with her little crown of clover.  It’s one of those simple days from her childhood that I’ll never forget… even without the photo.



It’s Ben’s 6th Birthday!!!!  YEA!!!!


This was the year of the “i.”  I was left alone today to charge the iPod, access iTunes, and set up the iCoaster.  Ugggg.  I do catch on eventually, but it’s really not intuitive for me.  Though I SO want an iPod now that everyone else in my house has one!!! 

iSorry, iDon’tunderstand how to set up all this iStuff!  You are going to have to wait till your iBrother gets home from high school! Bummer…

Jeeze, this makes me really miss the birthdays when he got wooden blocks!  Open box, play with blocks.  Easy Peasy!