UPDATE: Valentina is not available.


Valentina. img_3740

I am ever so pleased to introduce you to a brand new creation named Valentina.    


Valentina is a romantic and nostalgic little girl.   I’ve also done some slightly different thread sculpting on this little lady to create that pleading little face.  This little angel is made from a fuzzy longer pile fabric in a warm beige tone.  Her fur has longer shiny guard hairs that give her such life and spark. 


Valentina measures in at just about 4 and 3/4  inches standing.   She has bent arms and straight legs with wire armature, so she can hold soft poses with her arms and legs.  


This little one has pretty pearlescent emerald green eyes.  When the light hits them just right you can see little flashes of gold as well.  She has an undereye white accent and a sewn in upper eyelid.  She has subtle shading near her mouth and eyes as well as above her cute little nose. Her face has been deeply sculpted using invisible internal stitches.  Valentina’s nose is stitched in pale chocolate brown silk floss and has been sealed for durability and a soft shine.  Her front and rear paws have pads made of ultra suede, and they have tiny little pulled and shaded toes.  


Valentina is delicately decorated with gorgeous miniature silk ribbon work embroidery.  Tiny sprays of roses in gorgeous scarlet accent her little head.  The skirt is made of layers of silk organza that I’ve embroidered with the rose sprays as well.


As always, I’ve paid very close attention to making sure that my miniatures have all the detail and intricacy of a much larger bear.  I am also a stickler for proportion.  I really like for them to pass for large bears until you see a  picture of one in my hand.


See… I’m just a tiny girl!


As always, thank you for your continued interest in what I do, and thanks for taking a peek at little Valentina!

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