UPDATE: Beatrix is no longer available.

 Beatrix is no longer available.  She will be making her new home in the USA!

Thank you!

Check back soon for another Wild Thyme Teddy!

Available on a “first come” basis.  If the Pay Pal button is no longer visible or doesn’t take you to a check out page, then Beatrix may have already found a new home.  I try to update as quickly as possible… please “bear” with me!


$395 US


I am ever so pleased to introduce you to, Beatrix.   Bea, along with her hand crafted fancy needlework cushion is currently available directly from me for $395.00 US.  If you are interested in purchasing her, please click the Buy Now Pay Pal button just above.  Clicking the button allows you sign in securely to the Pay Pal system.  If you don’t have a Pay Pal account, Pay Pal can still securely process your payment using most debit or credit cards.   I do not charge for shipping… that’s my gift to YOU!  


 Now complete and looking for a very special place to make her new home; I am pleased to introduce you to Beatrix!  She was created from medium pile miniature bear fabric in deep onyx black and the palest shade of creamy yellow.  Her paw pads are made of short pile velvet in pale cream-yellow.  This tiny girl has strong magnets in her feet… and along with the magnets concealed in her tuffet… she can easily stand right up on it with no worry of falling over. 


Beatrix is just under 5 inches when standing.  She has bent arms and straight legs with wire armature, so she can hold soft poses with her arms and legs.


She has hand painted pearlized golden-green eyes with an undereye white accent and a sewn in upper eyelid.  She has subtle shading near her mouth and eyes as well as above her cute little nose.  Her face has been deeply sculpted using invisible internal stitches.  Her nose is stitched in black silk floss and has been sealed for durability and a soft shine.  I wanted Bea to coordinate nicely with her cushion, so I’ve made her a sweet little tatted cotton ruff.    A tiny silk ribbon in beautiful variegated pink tones accents the front along with tiny streamers and green glass seed beads.  Her collar is not designed to be removed.  Bea also has little antennae. 


 Her front and rear paws have pads made of ultra suede , and they have tiny little pulled and shaded toes.  She’s been stuffed with poly fil.


As always, I’ve paid very close attention to making sure that my miniatures have all the detail and intricacy of a much larger bear.  I am also a stickler for proportion.  I really like for them to pass for large bears until you see a  picture of one in my hand.


See!  I’m quite little!

Beatrix’s little tuffet is made from various is made from various silk and cotton fabrics.  I’ve crazy quilted the fabrics together and then embellished them with various seam treatments, trims, embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery.  There are tiny little deep pink rosebuds, daisies, and a sweet little crocheted motif accented with French Knots.  My favorites are the itty bitty bees… stitched in cotton floss with a Brazilian embroidery technique.   Each time you turn the cushion you will discover some tiny new thing!  


To be quite honest, this pin cushion took as long to complete as little Beatrix herself.   Truly a labor of love, I think she looks quite fetching perched upon it, though she can certainly be displayed on her own.  The tuffet may be used as a traditional pincushion, or to display a special broach or pin if you like.  It’s such great fun to challenge myself with new needle arts.  I must say it fills me with pride and warm feelings to know that I can help keep these lovely past times alive and well in this digital age! I never tire of learning!


I also made the little decorative pins out of polymer clay.  They will be included as well.

Beatrix will arrive lovingly gift boxed and with her own photographic Certificate of Authenticity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to eMail me at:


As always, thank you for your continued interest in what I do, and thanks for taking a peek at happy little Beatrix and her tuffet!

If you are not yet a member of my mailing list, please eMail me to join.  You will receive a short eMail each and every time I have someone new available!


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