Avalon… adopted… Thank you!

 Avalon will be making her new home in the U.K.

Thanks so much!

Available on a “first come” basis.  If the Pay Pal button is no longer visible or doesn’t take you to a check out page, then Avalon may have already found a new home.  I try to update as quickly as possible… please “bear” with me!


I am ever so pleased to introduce you to young Avalon.     Avalon is currently available directly from me for $390.00 US.  If you are interested in purchasing him, please click the Buy Now Pay Pal button just above.  Clicking the button allows you sign in securely to the Pay Pal system.  If you don’t have a Pay Pal account, Pay Pal can still securely process your payment using most debit or credit cards.   I do not charge for shipping… that’s my gift to YOU!


‘Avalon’ from the Celtic, means ‘Island of Apples.’  Here in Ohio, apple season is upon us, and apples can be found EVERYWHERE!  I so love the beautiful tonal colors of autumn apples.  Little Avalon is a veritable celebration of these delicious seasonal jewels.  He’ll come to your home with everything pictured above.  The pin cushion is fully functional as well as being decorative!  I had so much fun posing Avalon with all these little accessories.


 This is a variation of my more petite pattern.  His main color is a caramel colored vintage rayon upholstery fabric and the lighter areas are a cream in the same fabric style. Avalon measures in at just about 4 and 1/4  inches standing.   He has bent arms and straight legs with wire armature, so he can hold soft poses with his arms and legs.


Avalon has green eyes with an undereye white accent and a sewn in upper eyelid.  He has subtle shading near his mouth and eyes as well as above his cute little nose. His face has been deeply sculpted using invisible internal stitches.  His nose is stitched in scarlet silk floss and has been sealed for durability and a soft shine.  His rear paw pads are made of cream velvet and have  tiny little pulled and shaded toes.  Avalon does not have front paw pads.


Avalon is simply dressed in a tiny peter pan color made of scarlet vintage rayon velvet.  A tiny green button accents the front.


Oh no!  Avalon seems to have spilled a few of his apples! Can someone help this little guy?


As always, I’ve paid very close attention to making sure that my miniatures have all the detail and intricacy of a much larger bear.  I am also a stickler for proportion.  I really like for them to pass for large bears until you see a  picture of one in my hand.


Avalon comes with a hand crafted apple pincushion.  It’s made of scarlet red vintage velvet.  The stem is made of wired dark brown ultra suede.  The little accent leaf is made from deep green wool felt and has been stitched.  It’s stuffed with PolyFil and clean sheep’s wool.  I made the itty bitty apple pins myself as well.  They are made from polymer clay and have been shaped and shaded to look just like real apples.  The stems are made from stiffened sewing thread.

IMG_2161I crocheted this dollhouse sized basket out of thread.  It’s been stiffened to how it’s shape.  The basket liner is crocheted of silk sewing thread.  There are 8 tiny handmade apples in there.  They are made just like the pin toppers described above.  I have to say that I just LOVED making these little apples.  They are each about a 1/4 of a inch tall!  I made so many of them that I just might make another little apple basket to sell just by itself.



The photo above is EXTREMELY magnified to show the delicate color gradations of the golden delicious apples… (You can see all the little holes in my index finger too… from sewing so much!)  GASP!

Avalon will arrive lovingly gift boxed and with his own photographic Certificate of Authenticity.


If you have any questions, please feel free to eMail me at:


As always, thank you for your continued interest in what I do, and thanks for taking a peek at little Avalon!

If you are not yet a member of my mailing list, please eMail me to join.  You will receive a short eMail each and every time I have someone new available!


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