Update: Daphine has found a new home. Thank you.


After many, many years… I’ve decided to give eBay another go round!  I have to say, so much has changed on eBay in the past couple of years, I’m having a rough time figuring everything out!  Please “bear with me” as I work out all the kinks.  My aim has always been to place my bears into the arms of folks who will enjoy owning them as much as I enjoy creating them…. so with that in mind, I cross my fingers and let you know that … 

Daphine has been listed on eBay.  Click the eBay button to visit her auction.  Daphine will be available for viewing and bidding until Sunday, April 31st at 7:20 EST.




From my heart as well as my hands, I am pleased to introduce you to my latest creation, Daphine.  Sweet and soft, with a bit of a wistful gaze, Daphine is a lovely little girl who measures about 15 inches standing.  She is made entirely of mohair.  Her main color is a gorgeous curly blond with just the tiniest hint of an peachy undertone.  Her chest patch and inset muzzle are creamy ivory.  I’ve shown Daphine with both a simple bow adornment near her ear, as well as a fancy little crown.  


Daphine has front and rear paw pads made from ivory wool felt.  She has thread sculpted and shaded toes.   Her limbs have been armatured so the wrists, elbows, ankles and knees can been gently posed.


I’ve stayed within the same subtle color blend when designing her costume.  All parts of her costume are easily removable should you care to give her a good brushing.  Daphine sports a sweet little tutu in shades of cream and soft peachy-pink.  Her skirt ties with silk ribbons in a deep rosy-beige color.  I’ve snipped and gathered the tulle to lend a soft, dreamy effect.  Her tutu is also accented with some of my hand tatted lace in cream colored cotton.  Upon her head, Daphine may wear a simple silk bow or a stately crown I’ve fashioned from tatting that I have permanently stiffened.     The adornments are pinned in so you may easily remove them or reposition them should you desire.


Her eyes are made of glass, and have been hand painted on the backs.  I’ve done her eyes in pretty shades of blue with reflective particles that catch and play with the light.  She has sewn in eye lids made of dyed leather that has been shaped and stiffened.  Her nose is stitched in pink silk floss and has been glossed and sealed for a soft shine as well as durability.


Daphine is available for $645.oo US exclusively through this blog listing.  This price includes shipping to anywhere in the world.  She is a one of a kind, and will come with a signed photo certificate of authenticity.


IMG_1692 As always, please feel free to email me at : kimbasta@icloud.com   should you have any questions.  I thank you for your interest in my teddies!  I also maintain a mailing list to notify interested person when I have something new available.  If you’d like to join, just let me know.

Thank you so much for taking a wee peek at Daphine.  I hope she made your heart smile.


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