Update : SOLD. Amalie…

Update: Amalie will be making her new home in South Carolina, USA.

Thank you.

 Available on a “first come” basis.  If the Pay Pal button is  no longer visible beneath the head-shot, then Amalie has found a new home.  I will try to update as quickly as possible.  A full description and additional photos are available after the payment information. 


$645.00 US

Includes shipping to anywhere in the world!  If you do not have a PayPal account, you may still securely sign in via Pay Pal and purchase using most major credit cards… just choose “Don’t have a PayPal account” on the first page.  


Please meet my latest creation, Amalie.  I just love the blend of subtle colors on this little girl.  She’s like a warmly faded memory. She is a is a bent legged bear so she can not stand up to be measured, but she’d be about 15 or 16 inches tall had I made her with straight legs.  She is made entirely of mohair.  I recently found this lovely color… it’s a bit tricky to describe, but the photos are quite accurate.  The fur itself is a pale taupe-beige, but it’s on a pink backing, so it definitely gives off hints undertones of soft pink.  The inner ears and inset muzzle are a creamy soft pink mohair. 


Amalie has front and rear paw pads made of salmon pink ultra suede.  She has thread sculpted and shaded toes.   Her limbs have been armatured so the wrists, elbows, ankles and knees can been gently posed.  I love to pose my bent legged designs with their little feet dangling off of a stack of books.  They also look lovely perched upon the edge of a shelf.  She may also be posed sitting just like a regular bear.


 I’ve stayed within the same subtle color blend when designing her costume.  All parts of her costume are easily removable should you care to give her a good brushing. Amalie sports a sweet little tutu in shades of pale beige and soft pink.  Her skirt ties at the rear with cream colored silk ribbons.  I snip and flame singe the tulle to lend a soft, dreamy effect.  Upon her head, Amalie wears a pretty satin bow in a taupe color.  I’ve accented the center of the bow with a tiny gray crystal surrounded by petite glass seed beads in a salmon color. The bows are simply pinned on so you may easily remove them or reposition them should you desire.



Her eyes are made of glass, and have been hand painted on the backs.  I’ve done her eyes in pretty shades of pearlized gray with reflective particles that catch and play with the light.  She has sewn in eye lids made of pink dyed leather that has been shaped and stiffened.  Her nose is stitched in pink silk floss and has been glossed and sealed for a soft shine as well as durability.



Amalie is available for $645.oo US exclusively through this blog listing.  This price includes shipping to anywhere in the world.  She is a one of a kind, and will come with a signed photo certificate of authenticity.


You can purchase her  using the Pay Pal button which appears at the top of the listing.  If the Pay Pal button does not exist, or no longer works… then she has already found a new home.  I do my best to update my listings as soon as I am able. As always, please feel free to email me at : kimbasta@icloud.com   should you have any questions.  I thank you for your interest in my teddies!  I also maintain a mailing list to notify interested person when I have something new available.  If you’d like to join, just let me know.


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