SOLD. Elodie- A summer-fairy from Kim Basta of Wild Thyme Originals


Available on a “first come” basis.  If the Pay Pal button is  no longer visible beneath the head-shot, then Elodie has found a new home.  I will try to update as quickly as possible.  A full description and additional photos are available after the payment information. 


$645.00 US

Includes shipping to anywhere in the world!  If you do not have a PayPal account, you may still securely sign in via Pay Pal and purchase using most major credit cards… just choose “Don’t have a PayPal account” on the first page.  


Please meet my latest creation, Elodie.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve made a larger fairy-bear.  In the Summer, when the flowers are in full bloom, it’s kind of hard to resist!  This little fantasy girl is quite simply the epitome of what I love most about making bears!  Elodie is a one of a kind teddy, and is a modification of my mid-sized Covington pattern.    She is a is a bent legged bear so she can not stand up to be measured, but she’d be about 11 or 12 inches tall had I made her with straight legs.  She is made of baby-pink mohair.  Her inset muzzle and inner ears are made of white Tissavel faux fur.


Elodie is a sweet little thing that would look lovely in any collection.  A petite little thing… but far from a miniature, you can get a better idea of her size/scale by looking at a photo of her with my hand.


Elodie has foot pads made of white 100% wool felt.  She has thread sculpted and shaded toes.  Elodie does not have front paw pads.  Her limbs have been armatured so the wrists, elbows, ankles and knees can been gently posed.  I love to pose my bent legged designs with their little feet dangling off of a stack of books.  They also look lovely perched upon the edge of a shelf.


     I’ve put a lot of time and thought into Elodie fairy accoutrements.  All parts of her costume, including her wings are easily removable for shipping, or if you’l like to clean or brush her.  Elodie sports a colorful fairy skirt made of multiple glistening and iridescent fabrics.  There are touches of orange, raspberry,  and ice blue.  I snip and flame singe the fabrics to lend a whimsical, natural effect.   I’ve also added some pretty vintage velvet leaves.   It fastens in the rear with a ribbon tie.   Upon he head, Elodie wears a pretty hat fashioned from a handmade ribbon rose.  Each of the 13 petals are hand folded, rolled and sewn from individual lengths of French wired ribbon.   It’s ombre shades of raspberry and pink.  Her hat is accented with icy-blue iridescent fabric ruffles and a couple small vintage velvet millinery leaves.  Her hat ties beneath her chin.


I’ve also created her fairy wings in my studio.  They are constructed over wire and made of silk, liquid fimo, and iridescent films.  It’s really hard to capture the beauty and realism of them using a camera.  Though they are transparent and quite delicate looking, they are actually quite sturdy.   They are very flexible and may be gently posed to suit your whim.  They fasten onto Elodie’s back using a straight pin.


Her eyes are made of glass, and have been hand painted on the backs.  I’ve done her eyes in pretty shades of turquoise and emerald with reflective particles that catch and play with the light.  She has sewn in eye lids made of pink dyed leather that has been shaped and stiffened.  Her nose is stitched in pink silk floss and has been glossed and sealed for a soft shine as well as durability.





Elodie is available for $645.oo US exclusively through this blog listing.  This price includes shipping to anywhere in the world.  She is a one of a kind, and will come with a signed photo certificate of authenticity.

You can purchase her  using the Pay Pal button which appears at the top of the listing.  If the Pay Pal button does not exist, or no longer works… then she has already found a new home.  I do my best to update my listings as soon as I am able. As always, please feel free to email me at :   should you have any questions.  I thank you for your interest in my teddies!  I also maintain a mailing list to notify interested person when I have something new available.  If you’d like to join, just let me know.



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