Seam Picking

Now we come to one of my favorite parts of bear making… seam picking!  I don’t quite know why I find this step so obsessively satisfying, but I DO!  Okay, so we have a sewn body part…

seamHere you can see the seam allowance.  We need to open up the  seam allowance….



You can see the “stubble” of the fur that I already cut away near the edges of the fabric.  You can also see some of the fur that has become trapped and is now sticking its way through to the right side of the fabric.  If we don’t pick that outta there, that fur will be bunched up on along the seam of your finished bear.  I find that when this happens, the fur along the seams becomes extra dense and draws your eye to the seam.  While a sewn bear will never appear completely seamless, you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that the seams exist.  I strive to make my bears look “alive.”  In my mind, thing that are alive don’t have seams!  How’s that for justification!

I use an awl to pick all that trapped fur out.


Here’s what the unturned body piece looks like after I’ve done all my pickin’!

picked pieceYou can see that I picked the seams of the darted areas at the top and bottom as well.  I do this to each and every piece.



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