Pinning today…

It’s been a busy day here today on the kid front.  My daughter had a friend over and they decided to make cupcakes for the entire gymnastics team!  While they were knee-deep in frosting and sprinkles, I did a bit of pinning.  I just use regular old quilting pins.  I’ve tried various other methods, but I always seem to revert to using what I started with.  You must tuck all the mohair back into the piece as you go.  Because I hand sew, I have the luxury of being able to continue to tuck as I sew.  My pinning isn’t the neatest I’ve seen, but with the hand sewing, I still have flexibility to ease the pieces into proper alignment as I stitch.
pinned legAs you can see, the area where the foot pad will be inserted remains open, as does a small area on what will be the top of the thigh.  The thigh opening will be used to turn the piece right side out after the footpad is sewn in.  Here’s a pick of what I am currently using as my pincushion…. an Amish puzzle ball!  These are so fun to make.  I made this one a few years ago out of some pretty scraps of cotton quilting fabric.  Here’s a link to some directions if you’d like to try one yourself..

pin cushion

The tutorial shows one being made from felt.  I hand sewed each of the “footballs” with the right sides facing together, leaving a small opening for turning and stuffing.  After stuffing each football with wool batting, I closed each one with a few stitches before sewing them together as directed in the tutorial.


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