More to come soon!

Just a quick note… Little Lindy sold within minutes of me posting her as available.  I didn’t even have time to press the “send” button to notify my Mailing List members.  Now that’s FAST!  Just wanted you to know that if you are looking to add a Wild Thyme Originals creation to your collection, I should have another miniature listed next week… maybe sooner if I can lure some housework faeries to visit me!  I am also stitching away on two very interesting “fantasy pandas.”  After Christmas, I splurged on some gorgeous vintage upholstery velvets, so look for some interesting color combinations!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!  Keeping super busy here tending to various family members with sniffles and whatnot.  I was also asked to design a new custom singlet for my youngest son’s wrestling team. NO… there won’t be any teddy bears on it!  I’ve never done any design work for sports teams before, but it’s funny how I am using much the same skill set, picking fabrics, color combinations, patterns, logos, and fonts.  It’s been really fun so far!


Kim Basta

Wild Thyme Originals


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