Katia… A miniature Wild Thyme Originals Teddy *** UPDATE*** SOLD



Little Katia has been running wild in the studio for some months now without a collar or other adornment.  When she found this tiny scrap of turquoise/olive silk organza in my ribbon box, she knew it had to be hers!  She very patiently held the little piece of ribbon until I finally gave in an fashioned a little wisp of a neck ruff for her.  I’ve actually come to know her quite well in the passing months, and I can tell you that she is every bit as mischievous as she looks!  With cat-like curiosity she has watched my every move, and tugged at my fingers until she was  complete.


Standing just 3 and 1/2 inches tall, Katia is made from taupe colored short pile upholstery fabric.   Her large turquoise eyes give her a sweet baby like expression.  She has been extensively thread sculpted and shaded to bring out her own unique little personality.

Katia side

Katia in hand

She has four beige paw pads, also made of upholstery velvet.  I’ve thread sculpted her tiny little toes.

Katia over thumb

I’ve stitched her nose in salmon pink silk floss.  Her neck ruff is not designed to be removed, and is made of gorgeous silk organza.  She’s been stuffed with polyfil and contains a little pouch of glass “sand” beads in her tummy which gives her just the tiniest wisp of realistic weight in your hands.

Katia will be shipped free of charge via United States Post Office Priority Mail.  Shipping costs are my gift to you!  She will arrive beautifully gift boxed and bearing a Wild Thyme Originals hand tag, and Certificate of Authenticity.

Katia is available for $345.00 (USD) To purchase via Pay Pal, simply press the Pay Pal logo at the end of this listing.  Katia is a one of a kind creation, and can not be duplicated.

 Should you have any questions, please contact me at :


Katia over thumb




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