Please meet Carissa (Update… just sold!)



Please meet little Carissa.  Carissa is what I like to call a “fantasy panda.”  She’s made from a panda type pattern, but with wild and whimsical colors!

This little sweetheart is made from two tonal shades vintage rayon velvet… one is pale lavender, and the other wisteria.  Her panda shading is done in dove gray.  She has bent arms and legs to which I’ve added a sturdy armature to aid is posing.  She can not stand, but if she could she’d measure just under 4 inches tall. You can get a great idea of her proportions by looking at the photos of her in my hand.

Carissa has shimmery pale gray eyes, and a nose stitched in silk floss.  Her eyes are accented with a lower eye white and upper eye lids.

Her tiny neck ruff is not removable.  It’s made of gathered silk ribbon in multiple shades of purple, lilac, and lavender.

I strive to include all the detail of my larger bears in my miniatures.  I pay much attention to detail and scale so that each little one looks as if they could be a full-sized bear… until you see a photo of one in my hand!  Carissa will arrive at her new home beautifully gift boxed, with a photo certificate of authenticity.

If Carissa doesn’t tickle your fancy, or if you were not quick enough to purchase her, I have a few more little ones patiently waiting in the studio to be photographed…  I will also be participating in an on line show in November.  Look for more details to follow.

Thank you!


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