Kenleigh is now available (JUST SOLD)

$645.00 USD

To purchase Kenleigh using Pay Pal simply click the Buy Now Button above.

Includes Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the world!

A brand new full sized bear has just emerged from the Wild Thyme Originals Studio!  Please meet Kenleigh, a one of kind teddy created from premium Shulte curly-kid mohair in a lush beige color with just a hint of an apricot undertone.  Kenleigh measures in at 11 inches (Tush to the top of her head) in a seated position.  If she were a standing bear she’d be 15-16 inches tall.  She has bent & armatured arms and legs, so she can strike all kinds of cute poses.

I love to pose bent legged bears with one leg dangling off a stack of books or the edge of a shelf.

She has gray-blue glass eyes with reflective particles that catch and play with the light.  Her eye lids are suede and have been stitched in.  Kenleigh’s mouth is deeply sculpted.  Her nose is stitched in a salmon pink silk floss.

All four paw pads are made of salmon colored ultra suede and have thread sculpted toes.

Her neck ruff is completely removable.  It’s made of nearly two yards of pleated and gathered satin ribbon in the palest aqua.  It fastens ’round her neck with a bronze colored metal clasp.

Kenleigh is available for $645.00 US directly through this blog.  This price includes Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the world.  She is a one of a kind, and will come with a signed certificate of authenticity.  You can purchase Kenleigh using the Pay Pal button which appears at the top of the listing.  If the Pay Pal button does not exist, or no longer works… she has already found a new home.

As always, please feel free to email me at :  should you have any questions.  I thank you for your interest in my teddies!


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