I will do it by myself…

Every time I run across this letter, it amazes me and makes me giggle.  This year it is just a bit more hysterical, since I have my own 9-year-old girl.  I’m sure she probably thinks she can do it herself as well.  Thanks Mom, for saving things like these to remind me how completely insane I was as a child. 

I can do it...

You dont have to do any thing for me … 

… except help me with my obvious lack of punctuation, oh and my spelling…. maybe provide food, water, shelter, clothing.  Yea, just the basic necessities.

Oh and wash, dry and fold my clothes, make me breakfast, lunch, dinner & a few snacks, pick out my clothes, dry my hair, style my hair, help me with homework.  Take me places like the doctor and dentist, and to and from whatever lessons my little heart desires.  It would be cool if you, you know, paidfor those things too.  And maybe braces, summer dance camp, private school.  You can entertain me when I’m bored, cheer me up when I’m sad, and comfort me when my friends are mean.  You could buy me a car, pay for the insurance and gas.  Make sure I get home alive from each and every night out.  In the future, I might let you send me to college and law school.  Maybe even help me purchase my first house.  You can help me figure out how to raise my own kids, and pitch in and give me a hand when they are on my last nerve. 

Just a few things, but other than that…  I CAN DO STUFF MYSELF!

…. sorry Mom!


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