Totally sweet… and Raggedy!

A very, very sweet friend of mine who knows of my love for all things Alice, sent me this lovely present.  She’s a primitive style Raggedy Ann dressed as Alice!  I am so thrilled to bits that I can hardly contain myself.  She also sent the lovely little white rabbit trinket box as well. 

Picture 1

The Alice in Raggedyland is made by a lovely lady named Julie G. Marcotte.  Her work is amazing!  She makes raggedys of every sort, bakers, nurses… you just have to see it to believe it.  Her craftsmanship is stellar and when you hold one in your hand, you can truly feel and see the love & care that clearly goes into each and every stitch.  Take a peek for yourself please!  She sells on eBay and from her website, has patterns, does custom orders, etc…  If you are a collector… I swear to God… you will have found heaven!

The funny thing is… Raggedy Ann was my very first love.  I had several dolls which sat in my nursery when I was a baby. As I got old enough to hold things, I played with them.  My second birthday was totally Raggedy Ann themed… right down to the cake.  AND I WAS Raggedy Ann for my second Halloween… like I really believed I WAS her!  Several years ago I wrote a whole blog post about it …

Anyway.. it’s a lovely combination of my first obsession and my current obsession.  And my friend… she is really, truly an angel!!!!!


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