What a Cool Surprise!

We received a copy of the brand new Student Transportation Handbook for the Hudson City Schools.  I casually leafed through it while drinking a cup of coffee… nothing new.  No eating on the bus.  Remain seated.  No too loud.  All the usual rules.  I place the booklet on the table and resume my caffeination.  I glance at the back cover…. and see some child in a green shirt.  Actually, it’s the shirt I noticed first.  It’s one of my favorite colors, sort of a Granny Smith apple green.  I have a couple of shirts that color, and so does my daughter.  When I see that color, I just buy it.  I look at the child’s face… it’s MIRANDA!  Looking beautiful, but with just a tinge of glum.  I can totally read her face.  It’s the initial delight of, “Oh, someone with a big fancy camera is taking my picture!” mixed with a bit of, “OMG… I’m on the BUS!”  She HATES the bus with a passion!  Truly, at least 80% of the time, she begs me to drive her in.  Ha ha…if they only knew.



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