Their little charade is completely wasted on me

I went, alone, to have the oil changed in my mini van over the weekend.  It’s always such an embarrassing situation for me.  Usually, I have my husband do it, just so I can avoid the utter “stupidness” of it all.  First… I never know the answers to their questions.  I just roll the window down and say, “Oil change?”  Do I know what kind of oil I want… synthetic?  blend?  No clue.  Do I want my air filter replaced?  I have no idea.  Tires rotated?  Hmm…  They ask me to pop my hood.  How?  I start pushing on a little thing that says “push to release.”  Makes sense to me… but no, that’s the parking break release thing.  Ohhhh.   They do it themselves.  Okay.  I make a mental note that the hood release thing is NOT marked, is not visible and is located somewhere underneath the steering wheel, but I will NOT remember for the next time.  I am quite sure of that.  There is no need for me to ever pop the hood.  I’ve seen people with their hoods popped… peering into  that mess of metal parts and hoses… trying to figure out what is wrong with their car.  Me… I guess I would just have to say, “Yep… looks like the engine is still there… so that couldn’t be the problem!” 

Then the oil change people start shouting out things, “Bay 5 up!”  “30/20!”  “Washer fluid up!”  I know that they do it because it is supposed to make you feel like you are in the pit at some big NASCAR race…. I find it hilarious, and stifle a giggle.  Please…


One thought on “Their little charade is completely wasted on me

  1. That is why I take mine into the dealership to have the oil changed. Too many parts to mess up and it looks like a maze to me.

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