Ever have one of those days…

It’s Monday and you have eleven million things to get done.  The little ones will be in school and you will have a whopping 2 and 1/2 hours of child-free time in which to accomplish those eleven million things.  You wake up a little bit late, rush around like a mad woman getting the girl-child ready, shower, clothes, breakfast, pack a snack, check the homework folder, fill out the February reading calender, search for snow pants, clean mud off boots, where are your gloves!!!!!?????  She mumbles something about a three day weekend.  Couldn’t be… teenager left an hour ago and he KNOWS when there is no school.  Kiss on the cheek and out into the freezing cold you go!

She waits patiently by the mailbox.  She’s cold.  The bus is late, but only by a few minutes.  She rings the doorbell and asks to wait inside.  You hop on line and think, “Maybe I’ll just check….”  Yeah… there’s no school for K-8… optional parent/teacher conferences.  She’s right.  Snow gear off.  Our day will now be focused on “Mommy didn’t believe me!!!” and “I don’t like Swiss on my grilled cheese sandwich!”  Great going Mom!


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