A trip to find the perfect accessory!

I’ve made a bear out of the most delicious new fabric!  It’s such a unique and beautiful color… sort of a dusty pale, mauvy-eggplant… but it has a warm brownish cast in some light as well.  How’s THAT for a description!  After endlessly combing through my huge stash of yarn, ribbon, beads, and buttons… nothing I had really seemed to accent it quite right.  On Saturday night, the kids had open gym (that’s five hours of blissful child free time!), so I sweetly asked my husband if he’d mind accompanying me to Hobby Lobby!  He went… a bit begrudgingly, but he went!  I made the rounds quickly, knowing that his crafting tolerance is about 20 minutes long at the most.  Guess what… I found it!  The perfect ribbon!  So, now I’m off to see what kind of little collar I can fashion for this little one!  Yea!  Play time!  Check back in the next day or so for photos!


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