Christmas Inevitabilities

1.  Batteries will not be included and we will pay $10.00 for one 9V at the gas station.

2.  Each will be sold separately, and one isn’t nearly as fun as two.

3.  One strand of tree lights will burn out every other day necessitating the stripping of lights and ornaments from the offending branch, rearranging the furniture to accommodate the 75 pound ladder, and then reversing the whole process.

4.  My childrens’ gift lists will contain items that are so immensely popular that they have been sold out since October, or are so obscure that they are not sold in stores.

5.  We will worry that there will not be enough gifts under the tree to make that initial sight spectacular.  On Christmas morning there will be so many packages that there is no place to sit and open them. 

6.  The “first gift of Christmas” may be a bell from of Santa’s sleigh, but the last gift of Christmas will be a new vacuum cleaner to replace the one who’s motor burned out after attempting to suck up 10 pounds of pine needles.

7.  Most of our photos will look like THIS….  Out of focus….  Rock on Ben!


7.  In spite of the above we will have the BESTEST Christmas ever… but we will breathe a sigh of relief that we now have 364 days until we do this again!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Inevitabilities

  1. Kim,

    I love your blog/website/ pix of the kids. 🙂

    We were delighted to have you and Sam at the wine tasting. Hope you had fun. Have a Merry Christmas !

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