The filth was flying!

So, my computer fan has been coming on like… constantly, and every so often the computer just decides that it would rather not be on and simply… pft… shuts down.  Apparently, this is a fairly common occurrence, since a simple web search will reveal numerous web posts at various techie sites titled “WTF… my fan thingie is always on!” And THAT was exactly my problem too!  I love you Internet!

So, one can of compressed air later… my fan is NOT on, even as I type this!  YEA!  

Let me tell you… if you have never opened up your computer and blown out the dust… you should.  I’m not a crazy cleaning person, but you know that smug feeling of awesomeness you get when you do finally break down and clean behind the couch or the oven?  THAT is the delicious feeling you get when you finally get the cobwebs outta your CPU.  AND the fan is NOT on!  I still can’t believe it! 

Seeeeee….. see all that stuff that was just lurking in my computer!


That’s just the gunk that landed on the desk… I had to give the whole room a good vacuuming once I finished.  And, much to my surprise, I managed to reconnect all of the spaghetti cables and wires to the back of the computer!  I’m all giddy now, and feeling like I am ready to move to India and become one of those “computer fixing people!”


2 thoughts on “The filth was flying!

  1. Absolutely… Seriously, the fan hasn’t come on in DAYS now. I feel so accomplished! I’ve been having this problem for the past 6 MONTHS… I just wish I’d known before now. Teenager was no help on this one. He just assumed that I regularly cleaned the inside of the CPU… “cause Duh… EVERYBODY knows that Mom!” (You have to imagine that statement accompanied by a full eye roll to really get the full effect!)

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