Absent minded…

Yesterday, I actually washed the toothpaste.  It was early morning, and I was getting ready to throw in a load of towels.  I grabbed the dirty towels from our master bath, noticed a few washcloths on the counter, grabbed those too.  Saw the toothpaste on the counter next to the wash cloths and decided that I’d brush my teeth and freshen up a bit right after I got the towel load into the washing machine.  Put the towels in, put the detergent in, fabric softener, the whole bit…  The kids woke up and I ended up making breakfast.

When I finally found a minute to freshen myself up…. there was no toothpaste!  Hadn’t I just seen it!?  Made do with a swish of mouthwash and put ‘toothpaste’ on the grocery list.  About 30 minutes later, I opened the washer to take out the wet towels… mmmm… minty fresh!  WHAT!? 

A multi tasker I am not.  I like to think I am, but inevitably something goes just a bit wrong.  I obviously grabbed the tube along with the towels (since they were both on my mind) and threw the whole shebang into the wash.  The toothpaste tube came out REALLY clean.  Tthe towels… they  had to be rewashed…. of course.


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