On civic duty and all that…


Not to downplay the absolute seriousness and importance of voting, but…

I took Ben with me this morning when I I headed out to the polls.  He waited patiently as we stood in line to receive the ballot.  I filled in circles, I tore off stubs, I fed my ballot to the scanner, and the poll worker was kind enough to give us TWO “I Voted” stickers…. then we got a chocolate chip cookie!!!!  WHEEE!

As we left the polling location, Ben still with a mouth full of cookie, asked, “If we took off these stickers, do you think we could go in and vote again?”  Taking advantage of what I thought was a great “teachable moment,” I launched into a mini lecture about honesty, and how our voting process works. 

One vote for each person, and not so long ago ladies weren’t even allowed to vote, etc…..  I’m sure he was hearing,”Waaa, waa, waaaaa…”

And Ben interrrupts me, “I already know all that Mom, I just thought maybe we could get another cookie!”



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