I’m a little bit like the “Highlander”

It’s funny…. I am so drawn to having a variety of “stuff,” lots to choose from,  but in the end…. “There can be only one!”

I bought three pairs of great summer shoes.  One was worn once, one not at all, and the other…. worn till they essentially fell apart.  Why didn’t I just buy the same style in like three different colors!?  It’s the same with bras, burritos from Chipotle, my Starbucks order…. jeans for sure.  There is just one that really fits, really satisfies, really caffeinates, really makes my rear look like it did in college!  From now on, I’m just going to buy that ONE… I feel like I’m wasting my money doing it any other way.  Grrrr.  I wish I was a Variety is the Spice of Life kind of girl.


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