One flew away and then there were…


I can’t believe it.  My youngest has started Kindergarten.  I always thought I would celebrate this day with a whoop, a holler, and a big old margarita, but no… I had a wee little panic attack instead.  Ben was ready for this, I KNEW he’d be fine.  I just wasn’t ready.  The bus showed up and off he went… that’s it. 

There I am.  If this photo had been taken from the front, you’d probably see me wringing my hands and gnawing through the skin of my inner cheek.  That’s what I do when I’m nervous.   

Then it hit me, and it felt like an elephant had sat upon my chest.  Panic.  

Ben had a great day though!  Yea Ben… you did it! 


The last time I sent a kid off to school, I still had one to go in and hug real tight.  This time, it’s just the sound of silence!!!  Maybe it’s time for a puppy!


3 thoughts on “One flew away and then there were…

  1. Aw Kim, I remember that day so well! My own son, youngest of two children, went off to school without looking back … just as well, he’d have caught me wiping a tear from my eye. He’s 23 now … I guess they managed okay without us!

  2. wow I can – sort of – remember those days. Both my boys are teenagers now, with one driving. Which is utterly terrifying.

    your kids are so adorable!

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