Sign of things to come…

When I walked into the kitchen this morning, I was greeted by a puddle of water and this lovely little sign…

Rather than grab a towel and, I don’t know…… clean up the spill, Miranda wrote a warning sign!   I can totally relate to the sentiment though!  Remember my “cat vomit sign” post a few months back? 

 Now I’m thinking that we need a whole pile of these little signs that I can set about the house when there is some chore I should have done but just really didn’t feel like it ….  

“Sorry no meal tonight…”

“Unfolded laundry in the hallway…”

“Didn’t dust today”

“Watch out ….. this floor has not been vacuumed!”

And this one would have been totally useful when I had two kids under the age of three…

Cautoin”  “Caution, Poopy Diaper!”

Love, love, love that spelling mistake too! Awwww…


4 thoughts on “Sign of things to come…

  1. See now that’s just too cute and one of those things you have to save forever! Add a little note to the back of the sign about what happened and save it until she’s got kids of her own 🙂


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