Things I’ve learned over the past couple of days

1.  Don’t ever change your cat’s food.  I’ve totally known this for years, but decided to test it out just one more time with a different cat and different food.

2.  I need one  three or four of these signs to place over the offending areas while I gather the required information and necessary chemicals t deal with this situation.


3.  Foamy shaving cream will remove cat vomit stains from cream colored carpet.   Really?  Yup! 

4.  You can also get this same graphic on a coffee mug, T shirt, or mouse pad if you click on this link:

5.  I will NEVER even attempt to switch Max’s food again.  EVER….   


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned over the past couple of days

  1. Oh Kim, I’ve been reading your blog and you’ve given me some wonderful chuckles today! We have two cats and boy do I know about “upchucks” LOL!

    Aren’t children wonderful – they come out with the cutest stuff haha! I’ve missed you on TTalk, but I know summer is arriving and that means kids are home full time. Take care and have a great summer!



  2. Hi again Miss Paula! And Hi there Brenda! Miss you too! Yes… house full of little ones this summer! Staying WAY too busy!

    I LOVE cats to bits…. but “that” is a truly dreadful cat characteristic… isn’t it!? Out whole family has little mini arguments about who the cat loves the most, … then when the poor little guy hacks something up, he’s just MY cat! Grrrr….

  3. Oh no….! I liked the caution sign!

    I know what you mean when our dog Heidi ( she loved rolling in dead birds at the beach, as a puppy ) or Louie used
    to do something wrong, it would always be my cat or dog.
    But after coming back from the groomers my family were happy to take her out for walks.


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