Must grow up a touch, at least in the food department

I know that I remember hearing, “Sometime in your 30’s, your metabolism will change…”  I don’t know if it’s from a commercial, or if my mother said it…. whatever.  I heard it, and I disregarded it.  Surely that would not happen to me.  Now, as I sit here squarely in my mid 30’s, it has happened.   I can no longer eat 6 slices of American cheese and call it lunch.  I must grow up a bit and start consuming actual food in normal amounts.  It has to happen.  I guess I can still be young at heart though, right?

Something really changes in the 30s.  Actually turning 30 was no big deal to me, no different than 29…. you can still blend in amongst the college kids and no one would bat an eye.  Maybe you’re a gradate student?  Even at 32ish.  Then blammo, all of a sudden, you just can’t.  You totally look like a grown up.  You could almost be that college kid’s MOM!  And you are just left thinking,

“How did this happen?  And why did no one warn me?” 

Then you remember that everyone DID warn you, and you just didn’t listen. 




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