I can’t believe I drank….

the WHOLE thing!  The entire pot.  12 cups of coffee today.  Uhhh… and I know that’s a problem.  Really.  You know, actually I think I’ve gotta say it was  11 and 1/2.  When I nuked a cup this afternoon, I accidentally set the microwave for like two minutes and it boiled over onto the glass plate.  I wiped it up and then drank the cup anyway.  Oh, I know that’s completely disgusting… both the fact that I nuked “leftover” coffee… and the fact that I drank it anyway, after I had actually boiled  the crap out of it.  I just put a LOT of cream in it to cool it down.  It just perfectly illustrates the depravity of it all.   I mean, it wasn’t even good coffee.

You know women that say when they eat the leftover stuff their kids leave on their plates that it doesn’t “count” as real food… I’m that way with coffee… none of the reheated cups “count” for me.  If I made another pot or went to Starbucks, well, that would count.  Now, I know that’s simply a justification.  I just can’t decide if it’s kinda funny, or kinda sick….


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe I drank….

  1. Were they small cups or big cups? If they were small cups, you could tell yourself you’d only had 5 1/2 cups. With coffee being a duretic (goodness knows how thats spelt), the toilet would have become my second home.

    Hugs, Sarah x

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