Wild Thyme News…

*************UPDATE:  Tanner is no longer available********************

Fallen just a bit behind again.  Grr… but I did get this little boy finished and listed.  I’ve fallen hard for this sweet little face.  I love the way you can muss up the micro plush pile a bit… looks so ragamuffin-cute!  Anyway, Tanner will be available on eBay March 27th through the 30th… just three days… so if he catches your fancy, visit him fast!  You can click the link below to visit his auction:


For about two weeks now, I’ve been slowly chewing on the new and proposed changes that eBay will be making.  When it comes to change of any sort, my first instinct is to run the other direction, screaming and kicking if need be.  But, as a rational person, I know that change happens, and sometimes it’s actually for the best.  I’m slowly digesting all the nuances and figuring out how to best serve the collectors who have so graciously allowed me to continue the ever so rewarding art of making teddies.  If I ever get the eMail done, it will be on it’s way to the eMailboxes of every person on my mailing list.

Speaking of mailing lists, if you’d care to be on mine, just drop me a line and let me know!  You’ll get a note whenever I have a new bear available, or have important news for you.  I’d be pleased as punch to add you. 



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