Did ya know soy sauce is made outta bugs?

Heard that one yesterday when the neighborhood children were playing with my kids in the frozen sandbox in our backyard.  Had a good giggle as I watched Miranda’s eyes grow to the size of saucers.  “Really, ewwwww, yuck!”  It got me thinking about all the absolutely ridiculous things that I actually believed when I was a child; crazy stuff I learned while listening to the whispering big kids in the back seat of the school bus. 

Here’s one that I actually STILL think about each and every time I see the commercial on TV.  It’s stuck with me that long.  In third grade, someone told me that if you weren’t Irish, and you ate one of the blue diamonds from a box of Lucky Charms cereal…. you would first turn blue, then die… right there on the spot.  Seriously.  And I totaly believed it.  If you thought you weren’t Irish, but you somehow survived, it meant that surely, generations back, you had an Irish relative that you just didn’t know about.  Crazy stuff.  My Mom refused to buy us those marshmallow cereals anyway.    

I also heard that Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers lip gloss was made from pony fat!  Uh… YUCK!  Never wore the stuff again.  “Love’s Baby Soft” perfume was made from pony urine.  I wonder if those pony/cosmetic connections were promulgated by older sisters to keep their pony lovin’ little sibs out of the make-up drawer…. hmm….

Something to think about…. how these ridulcous rummors begin.  I wonder how the soy sauce/bug connection began?  I like to find some justification for just about everything… it just makes the world a more comprehensible and orderly place for me.  No interesting,  yet plausible connection comes to mind….. have to mull that over a bit as I do the laundry, I guess.

Maybe a nice chicken stir fry would be a good diner choice for tonight! hehe….   


One thought on “Did ya know soy sauce is made outta bugs?

  1. We once told a neighbor boy that the puddle in front of our house was chocolate milk…he tried it! Kids can be so mean.

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