Desperately Seeking Spring…

I have to say, “Oh GOD thank you!!!!”  Truthfully, I always rejoice when Spring wakes her sleepy head.  But, this year, with our late snow storms, there’s just a bit more to rejoice about.  I am SO ready for winter to be over.  Apparently, most of the neighborhood is as well.  At least the Mom’s who trudge out the the school bus stop each morning. 

Our first calender day of Spring brought forth howling winds and a near white out blizzard.  Nice.  So we’ve all just been desperately searching for each and every sign that Spring might truly be on it’s way.  No robins yet, no daffodils, no warm breeze…. and thus we’ve started to rely on any sign at all… no matter how unreliable or gross it may be. 

“There were maggots in the garage garbage can this morning… isn’t that a sign?”

“Spring where are you?”

“There is a faint trace of dog sh*t smell as you walk by the Xxxxx’s house …. the Golden Retriever excrement is thawing …. must be over 32 degrees….. a sure sign that it’s warming up!” 

“Spring commeth!”

Seriously, it’s getting THAT bad.  But today, the daffodils are just sprouting through the snow, so I do believe that we shall have more pleasant bus stop conversation in the near future! YEA!!!


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