Very Distressing Situation

We need new tables for the family room… a coffee table, side table and a sofa/console table as well.  Maybe it’s not really a ‘need’… it’s more of a want.  Maybe it’s not really ‘we,’ it’s  more of an “I want…” The finish on our old tables is worn along the edges where three children have scraped by.  The tops are mared with various little dings and nicks from tiny fists wielding hard toys and flying remote controls.

So, I’m peeking around on line and find a great furniture place where you can pick out the style of the tables, the wood, the legs, and the finish.  I could have everything I want! Yea!  I am scrolling through the finishes…. distressed is recomended for a rustic look that is child friendly.  Sounds good.  However, I notice that the distressed finish is significantly costlier than the gloss and satin finishes.  So, I could get new tables that look just like my old tables, and pay extra for the shop to make them look like my kids have already beaten the crap out of them!?  That just sent me into a fit of giggles… distressed finish… that’s precisely why I NEED new tables in the first place!  Hmph… might just hang on to our own for a wee bit longer.  Aparently they are going up in value!     


5 thoughts on “Very Distressing Situation

  1. Your story is so funny! I have two teenagers and thought the same thing when we were looking for new tables LOL

    Your bears are just so adorable and your ribbon work is beautiful!

  2. That made me laugh out loud!! The reason the distressed finished costs more is because it takes longer to produce that lovely worn finish. Apparently the manufacturers don’t have an army of children to help with the process!! ha!

    Thank you for the giggle!!

    Hugs and hugs, Aleta

  3. If it will make you happy and you can afford it without too much suffering, the new/distressed one will be worth every penny. There is a difference between “bashed in” and “artfully distressed.” You go, shopgirl!

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