‘Tis the season….. Snow Day!

I grew up in the Lake Erie primary snow belt, which means that we had mountains of snow, all winter long… it was like living in the Rockies!  So yesterday was nothing big to me.  A foot of snow, blowing and whirling… white out conditions… It was trecherous, but oh so beautiful!  So, what snow realted event could literally scare the crap out of a snow belt dweller?  SNOW DAY!  Snow day, as a kid, is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of.  Snow day as a parent.. not quite so dreamy.  I must admit that I enjoyed telling my teenager the grand news this morning.  I actually got not one, but two hugs from a 14 year old boy at 6:03 a.m.  Normally at that hour I’d just get a, “Oh God, would you get out of my room!” from my little “Dawn of the Dead” zombie.  Not today! 

I’ll stay in and bake cookies all day.  The little ones will romp in the snow drifts ’till their fingers turn numb.  The teenager…. I’m sure we’ll see him around noon, when the laptop will start to light up with IM’s, and the cell phone will commence ringing with text messages. 

I will do tomarrow what I should be doing today  (or two weeks ago!)… the oil change, the stocking stuffers, the teacher gifts, believe me, the list goes on and on….  I will hope that the snow plow doesn’t knock down the mailbox…. and pray that the garbage trucks do come.  Oh please, let them come!

I will try to remember the joy I once felt when I had a snow day… and we will have cookies.    


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