Singing the praises of Costco


I live in a well to do, fancy type town… a town with gorgeous “botique-type” grocery stores that carry… I kid you not… 15 kinds of DOMESTIC goat cheese!  That doesn’t even count the imported ones.  True, from time to time, I put on my “good shoes” and head in there, if only just to pretend that the goat cheese I glance at today will be eaten at some lavish cocktail party that I’ll be throwing together tonight.   The truth is, my life doesn’t require four or five varieties of scented basil or purple heirloom tomatoes.  Jeeze, I don’t even NEED goat cheese, and I don’t need to spend time figuring out which of the 15 varieties will suit my non-existent hoity-toity party guests.   

I head to Costco… the beams of sun stream through the clouds… and a choir of angels exclaims, “Ahhhhhhh!”  They carry one kind of toilet paper, and I can stock my pantry to the ceiling.  I will NOT run out of toilet paper… EVER… and THAT is important to me. 

Frankly, I don’t want endless choices.  I don’t want silk blend toilet paper, or something so thin I can read text through it … ouch!  The Costco store brand is cheap and GOOD!  And there are NO choices to be made! 


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