Putty Face…. This one is FUN!

Back when I used to sculpt in polymer clay and other clay media, occasionally a face would just go all wrong and I’d have to scrap it and start all over. Frustrating! Sometimes that would be a whole day or two of work right down the tubes. The one minute joy in committing such an error, is that I would get to squish the pretty little face until it resembled something cartoonish… it morphed into something almost goblin like. It never really made up for the 15 hours of lost work, but it is really oddly satisfying, if I do say so myself.
My kids found this “game” on line, and it really very similar, though one doesn’t have to destroy one’s work in the process. You just upload a photo and follow the instructions, then morph away. Give it a try!

Games at Miniclip.com - Putty Face
Putty Face

Upload a mugshot and start modifying their face as if it were putty!

Play this free game now!!

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