Color Schemes….

I have to say that when it comes to color schemes I am a bit “challenged.”  Sure, I have favorite colors, but none of them really seem to work together.  Really, I like that irridescent, “color” of dragonfly wings!  So completely intangible, and so beautiful… an yet, so not really a color in any sense of the word.  Certainly, one can not decorate a house, at least not a real, grown up, people house, in a “fairy wing” color scheme!  Though, I do hoard things that are that “color” beads, buttons, ribbons, crystals, opals, filmy fabrics… and this lovely stuff called “fantasy film” that doll makers use to make fairy wings. 

I have have little imagination when it comes to color.  I can’t seem to select combinations of my own outta thin air.  I have to FIND something that combines the colors.  Just last week my husband and finally hammered out the color scheme for our living room, based on a lovely Thank-You card sent to me by a dear friend.  It’s a beautiful cream with chocolate, and just a touch of the palest, aqua blue.  But see… I have to really SEE it first before I can like it, especially when it’s “grown up” colors. 

A few days ago I completed a little bear made from vinatge long pile fabric in a gorgeous orangy-rust hue.  Now… what to put WITH it as an accent color?  I just hold up little beads and fibers and ribbons in various hues to my wee bear’s face and nothing looks right… <sigh>  I look out the window wistfully and happen to see that exact same rusty color in the autumn leaves.  It’s warm and brilliant, and looks so stunning in contrast to the azure of the sky…. <sigh>  And that’s it!  I’ve got it!  Two colors I never would have paired together myself… and they look just perfect.  Hopefully I’ll get my bear finished and photographed in the next day or so… but here’s a pic of the inspiration for the color scheme… right outside the window where I work….



One thought on “Color Schemes….

  1. Why can’t you decorate your house the color of dragonfly wings? Fairy wings would be easier of course since no one is really certain what colors those are! Don’t get caught up in parameters just because you think they are adult. My bear studio was inspired by a warm summer night in Mexico. The walls are fresco painted in a warm carmel-ly parchment color that reminds me of candlelight on sun baked adobe. The carpet is a rich brown with a hint of rust like the earth around Chichen Itza. And the ceiling and trim is a periwinkle that reminds me of a warm summer night with a full moon.

    In my foyer, above the front door are white feathered wings that I made with a little heart shaped mirror in the middle so that when you go downstairs you get a glimpse of yourself as an angel.

    I have rose bushes in the kitchen, and oddities of all sorts. But it’s my house, and I don’t care about being an adult or bound the strictures presented by that idea. You are like me, you make toys for a living and in so doing you create fantasy. It’s your house, don’t do the “adult” thing…do what makes you happy and inspires you!

    I would put an olive or a purple or a dusty turquoise (or any combination there of) on the rust bear.

    Happy Halloween! Kelly

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