Much Ado About “Head Flickers”

My daughter has a “head flicker” who sits directly behind her on the bus, and I tell you… it’s creating enormous anguish for her.  J, (who’s real name I shall not use, just to protect the “possibly” innocent!) has been an issue since Kindergarten. Last year he was “looking at her,”  this year it’s head flicking.  I’ve questioned my little love enough to know that it’s not a painful, or even persistent head flicking that is occuring.  It’s an ocassional, barely perceptible “flick.”  I’ve given her all the old wisdom.  All the things that I am supposed to say to help her end the head flicking on her own.  Really… this is simple kid stuff.  I had my share of it as well….the kid who always jammed his knees into the back of my seat…. the kid who used to put up the hood of my raincoat…. and of course the kid who just “looked at me.”  It IS just kid stuff, but as a kid… remember just how important all that stuff was!?   

After dispensing all the coventional wisdom on the topic of bus annoyances and coaxing a smile from her, I gave her a big hug and said, “This won’t go on forever, I promise.”  As soon as the words left my mouth I realized that my promise wasn’t entirely true.  I’m still dealing with a few “head flickers” myself.  I think we all have our share of them.  As you get older you just obtain a better arsenal of weapons against them.  Either that or you develop a big ol’ callous on the back of your head and you don’t even realize that you’ve been flicked!   I guess that it all starts on the school bus.        


One thought on “Much Ado About “Head Flickers”

  1. Ah Kim, give your lil’ one a big hug from me!! In grade school I had a few “head flickers” too. I was patient, still nice & kind, and did all the things my parents told me. By Highschool I had pretty much developed the ideas about these people that I still think of today… When the adult head flickers come out to play I more or less pity the idea that they never got off the yellow bus emotionally. I see their little insecure self and imagine myself flicking their silliness and obnoxiousness away like an annoying knat! 🙂

    When all else fails pull a “Kids in the Hall” and start “crushing their heads”. *LOL* kidding

    (please google to see that this is just a comedy skit by The Kids in the Hall and completely non violent)


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