Books just don’t travel at the speed of light !

Again, I find myself wanting to start out a sentence with… “These kids nowdays…”  That’s enough to make ya feel a bit old!?  Anyway, kids these days are SO used to receiving information at break neck speeds.  They want everything to be that way… right at their finger tips… instantaneously. 

Our hometeam, the Cleveland Indians, are playing in the ALCS against the Boston Red Sox right now. (Go Tribe!)  On Monday afternoon, I was at my volunteer job at our local second grade library, and a sweet faced 7 year old asked me for a book about the 2007 World Series. 

“Well honey, that hasn’t actually happened yet, so we don’t have any books about it.” 

“Well, what about a book about the ALCS against the Red Sox?”

“That’s going on right now.  Books take a while to be written, and edited, and published, distributed…..”

“Wow, books are really slow aren’t they?  I better just get on the Internet.”  He attempts to walk away… leaving me feeling like some slow, ancient, book-pusher!  But, hey, this is the library, and to me… that still means BOOKS… bound paper, and all…. 

I did manage to find him a biography of Kenny Lofton.  He’s currently a big Indians hero-player…. scored a home run in last night’s game.  Of course, the book was written a couple of years ago when he was with the Angels, I think.  He’s been with like 6 teams in the last decade!

Anyway… books are slow.  And I guess to a 7 year old, that’s just not quite good enough.  I hope there never comes a time when the phrase, “curling up with a good book” is obsolete…. some quaint notion from the past.  Sigh….


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