Mom’s “Tell”

Have you noticed the quantity of commercials now running for Botox, Juviderm and Restylane?  Well I have, and apparently, my little one’s have as well.  The other day one of them actually said to me, “Mommy, you can go to a doctor and he’ll get rid of your 11.”  I had to laugh.  Why would I get rid of my “tell?”  My kids aren’t poker players, but they can look at my face and instantly KNOW the cards I’m holding at that moment.  I’m usually a pretty patient, laid-back kinda Mom, but if the 11 is there in full force… they sorta know  that right now might be the best time to mention that there was a red marker in the pocket of the jeans I just threw in the wash, or that one of their church shoes has been burried in the sandbox by the neighbor’s dog.  NOW just wouldn’t be a good time.  It’s my “Mom Tell.”

My Mom had one too.  She was prone to stress induced migraines in her mid 30’s, warmth sometimes helped.  So, if my brother and I got a glimpse of Mom with a full coffee cup pressed tightly against her forehead… we headed for the hills.  NOW would not be a good time…

So, I guess for a few hundred dollars, I could get rid of that 11… not permanently… but for six to twelve months.  But, I’d loose my Mom Tell.  How would they know that NOW might not be the best time.   Plus, I simply cannot imagine that a lecture on the topic of “Why we do not use safety scissors to cut our own hair” would have the same effectiveness if delivered with a forehead as smooth as a plate glass window. 

I guess I’ll keep my 11 for the time being.  And, yep… that’s really me in the photo above… and the 11 is real enough… though not brought about by Mom Stress…. that particular 11 was the result of the frustration one experiences while trying to take a decent photograph of one’s own forehead while sitting on the bathroom counter!


5 thoughts on “Mom’s “Tell”

  1. Oh Kim, I’m grinning from ear to ear reading this. I have that same “Mom Tell”…kid’s…they just know…even at my kid’s age. I also do that thing with the coffee cup on the forehead. LOL I thought I was the only person in the world to do that. :o)


  2. Thanks for commenting ladies, and thanks for NOT laughing at my ginormous furrowed brow. I’m not quite ready to embrace that “11” with open arms quite yet, but it’s so nice to know that other’s have it as well!

  3. Ha! This slays me. I don’t have an 11, though; I have a “1”, right smack in the middle of my forehead. And I tell my kids all the time it’s THEIR FAULT I wear it. So funny, and something only a mom would get. Seriously; I didn’t have those marks prior to childbirth. It IS their fault. :)~

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