Why did I ever stop READING story books?


I LOVE childrens’ literature.  I’m volunteering at my daughter’s school in the library for a few hours each week.  Not only does it give me a fabulous oportunity to actually BE a fly on the wall, but I get to look through all the childrens’ books as I reshelf them.  I collect “all things Alice,” and all my favorite books are really written for children… I love the classic literature written for wee ones.  But… I tell you, reading though story books is so wonderfully refreshing.  It takes but a minute, and leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed, and transported.  There are some amazing illustrators of kids books out there as well.  I read to my little ones constantly, but I must remember from time to time to just sit quietly by myself and read a few.  My newest favorite is called Child of Faerie, Child of Earth,  written by Jane Yolen and illusrted by Jane Dyer… here’s a taste…

“He was a child of faerie folk,
A child of sky and air,
And she was a child of humankind,
Of earth and toil and care.
They met in the dusk of Hallow’s Eve,
  When widows grieve
  In widow’s weave.
  They met in the dark of Hallow’s Eve,
She had flowers in her hair.”

you can read more about this book by clicking the following link:



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