And Here’s Joy…


Please meet Joy… this is the bear that gets to wear all the fancy little pansies!  She’s made of the most delicious pale lemon mohair…. the fur itself is so light it’s nearly cream colored, and the backing is a brighter yellow… it’s a kid mohair.  Super silky and with a nice subtle shine.  Mmmmm…. If you’d like to take a peek at some more photos of this joyous little thing, you can click this link:

Once there, take a peek at the Newly Commissioned” folder.  Or just browse around!


5 thoughts on “And Here’s Joy…

  1. What a darling little bear…as always. I love the “little surprise” you’ve sent along with her…how wonderful. I also love the new look to your blog, Kim. I want to crawl into the picture and just sit a spell and soak in the serenity. It looks so peaceful.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Kim ,she is to die for !!

    Love the pansies too ,I also love making ribbon flowers like these,

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