Thoughts of Joy


Here’s a few pics of the little side project I’ve been working on for a dear, dear customer of mine.  I’m working on a custom bear for her named Joy.  The idea was that the bear would embody all the Joy of her name!  I went with a pansy theme for the embellishments and color scheme.  While I’ve been working on the bear, I’ve collected a bunch of special quotations, all dealing with the topic of joy, happiness, and hope.  I’ve printed the quotations strips of heavy parchment paper, embellished them with colorful ribbons, and placed them in an old mason jar.  Then in true Wild Thyme spirit, I’ve fancied up the jar with a handmade, wired ribbon pansy… the center of which is accented with tiny crystals and seed beads.  I also filled the jar with gorgeous bias cut silk ribbons.  I do hope she likes my little surprise!  I figure she can use the strips as bookmarks, place them in her own letters, or just peek at one whenever she needs a little reminder of the power of Joy! 

My favorite quote…. “Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”  — Mother Teresa


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