I had such a fun time with this one… Lillian


My newest little one is named Lillian… such an old fashioned kind of name, but it really seemed to fit her.  When I was growing up, the people down the street had a housekeeper named Lillian, and she was truly the sweetest lady.  I crocheted this tiny little sweater months ago and was waiting for someone pale and dainty to wear it.  When I crochet this small I use an antique German hook that roughly corresponds to a .5mm modern hook.  I also managed to get just a bit of ribbon embroidery on there.  Two itty-bitty little roses, each made from a single French Knot, with little leaf stitches.  I’ve used  2 mm silk ribbons in soft pastel shades.
You can take a peek at Lillian’s auction by clicking here:


She’ll be available for viewing/bids from August 5th through the 12th.


One thought on “I had such a fun time with this one… Lillian

  1. Your detail in such small works of art is simply amazing!! Lillian is a proper name for this wee one. It does suit her perfectly!! And you crocheted (hmmm that spelling does not look right)….and you made the sweater too? Superb!!

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

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