Waiting to Speak vs. Listening

Oh my is there ever a difference!  the art of conversation is certainly NOT one of my most developed skills.  I would consider myself pathologically shy, in fact.  But… when I do find myself conversing with another real live human being, I am often struck by how many people are merely “waiting to speak” while the words struggle to leave my mouth.  I know they hear me and are probably mentally processing the words I am saying, but they aren’t really listening.   They are simply waiting for their chance to speak.  I’m not being snobby here… I certainly don’t expect people to hang on my every word, and I am quite sure that I have absolutely been guilty of “waiting to speak” on many ocassions.  There really is such a difference though.  It’s something I strive to do each and every time I find myself in a verbal exchange. 

When I was little, I spoke to my stuffed animals and dolls ALL the time.  Sure, they were a captive audience to say the least, but you know… I think that they listened!  As a kid, and as an adult, I think we have an overwhelmingly human desire to simply be heard… without contradiction, without judgment.  My newest miniature, Joceline, has  the most attentive deep-brown eyes.  I think she’s listening!

You can take a peek at some more pictures of her by clicking on her auction link:



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