It’s MY turn! Okay… 7 random facts/habits….

And here we are in absolutely no particular order of significance!

1.  I’m a big time “keeper.”  I attach significance to nearly everything, and can’t stand to throw it away.   Here’s something I’ve only shared with ONE other person.  I’ve saved the umbilical “stumps” of each of my children.  You know that completely nasty looking dried up scabby thing that falls off the belly button when a baby is a couple weeks old.  I have them in tiny little jars.  The last remnant of that 100% physical, I am you and you are me, connection that a mother has with her baby…

2.  My parents could have bought a second home with the money that they spent on private schools/college/graduate school….. but I secretly wish that I would never have to ever work a “real” job ever again.  I said wish….

3.  I don’t like bananas… never have, never will!

4.  I’m a vegetarian, but I almost never eat vegetables… cheese and bread are my best friends though.

5.  I talk to my cat.  I’ve had a few in my lifetime, and I’ve always spoken to them like they were people.  I sometimes translate what our cat is thinking and feeling to my husband, and he thinks I’m absolutely out of my mind.

6.  I have a hard time standing still.  I often find myself swaying around, back and forth in a small figure eight pattern… even in line at the Post Office!  My last child had very severe colic, and I spent countless nights, half asleep, swaying like that so he wouldn’t cry.   I’ve done it ever since.  It’s just become ingrained within me.

7.  I always misspell the word ‘existence.’  Always!  I’m sure I’ve just now spelled it wrong, but I’ll catch it with spell check!  I was a philosophy major in college, and one of the core classes is Existentialism (you know… Sartre, Camus, andthose guys!)  I wanted to write the word on my hand before the exam, just so I wouldn’t screw it up 100’s of times on my final exam and look like a complete idiot!   


3 thoughts on “It’s MY turn! Okay… 7 random facts/habits….

  1. Ha! Too funny! I also: (1) loathe bananas, and always have; (2) treasure the umbilical stumps of my two sons (they’re in my firesafe, of all places!; and (3) always misspell one word, although in my case it isn’t existence, but marriage, which I usually spell “marraige” if I’m not paying attention. We’re soul sisters, Kim!

  2. Laura… I think maybe I should be called a “pastatarian” or a “pizzatarian!”

    Shel… yup… soul sisters! Okay, now I don’t feel too weird about the stump thing! I’ve had a couple other private eMails regarding umbilical stump saving as well… so there are at least a couple more of us out there! YEA!

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